Data Recovery Process

Stage 1 – Getting your media to Rapid Data Recovery

  • Package the drive up well in a box.
  • Download and complete the shipping form and enclose it with the media.
  • Send it securely via Courier.

Stage 2 - Diagnostic and Recovery Process

  • On receipt a unique ID which will be emailed to you and the diagnostic process will begin.
  • Once the diagnostic process is completed, a member of our customer support will contact you with the results and a file listing will be e-mailed to you.
  • On the rare occasion that the data can not be recovered, we will arrange for the drive to be returned to you securely.

Stage 3 - Return of Data

  • Data is transferred onto return media (usually DVDs).
  • On receipt of payment the recovered data is returned by secure next day delivery.
  • A copy of the data is retained for 7 days in case of query, after which the data is securely wiped and the job is closed
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